Good communication makes everything better and your brand identity is an important part of how you communicate to your customers what you do and and how you do it. Your branding is more than just a logo, and sets a tone for your company and is the face the world gets to see for your business.

We're a small business too, and we know making an investment in yourself and your business can be overwhelming, but we're with you on this. Whether you have a brand-spanking new business idea you can't wait to jump into and explore or an existing business with a look that isn't working together we can create something that matches the vision you have for your business.

PROJECT TIMELINE: 1-2 months, based on current availability.


Brand Discovery Guide

A workbook that will help you articulate and define the unique attributes of your business, and acts as a roadmap for your brand development.

A Custom Designed Logo

We'll hand off your logo in multiple file types for both print and web, so you always have exactly what you need.

Sub Mark

A sub mark an icon that can be used to represent your logo. Target's bulls eye is a good example. Not all logos will need this, but we'll provide it when it is.

Brand Color Palette

We’ll select the ideal your primary and secondary brand colors, and provide HEX, CMYK and RGB color codes for each, so it's always easy for you to keep your branding consistent.

Typeface Selection

We'll choose the perfect typefaces to compliment your brand's look and feel.

Brand Guidelines

The Brand Guidelines will walk you through how to put your new brand identity into action.



The on-boarding phase is essentially the “adulting” phase of any design project. It’s where we handle all the paperwork, timelines, and other details before we can move on to the fun part: the Discovery phase.


The Discovery phase is the backbone of the brand identity design process. We can’t design a logo and define the look and feel of your brand without first creating a road map. I’ll provide you with a questionnaire to help you articulate and define the unique attributes of your business—your mission, capabilities, ideal clients, and where you want to take your brand in the future, and we’ll also share a collaborative mood board on Pinterest where we can both share visual inspiration for your brand. This research phase sets the direction for the design work to come.


This is where we bring your brand to life! I’ll get busy brainstorming and sketching unique concepts based on our research in the discovery phase. Once I’ve come up with a few options I think you’ll love, we’ll schedule a time to review together. After you’ve had sometime to consider the options and provide feedback, we’ll refine the options if needed.

We’ll wrap up our Design phase by laying out any additional collateral that’s within the scope of the project.

Launch & Delivery

We’ll wrap up our project by creating a Brand Style Guide, which will include your color palette, brand typography, and your new logo and any secondary logos or sub marks for easy reference.

If we built a website together we'll also review it together to make any last final touches and have a meeting to review the functionality of the site's back end so you know how to make updates going forward!

Once everything is complete, we’ll share a link to an online folder where we’ve neatly organized everything we’ve created for you!

Let's create something amazing together.

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