Songbird Yoga

Graphic Design | Branding | Web Design | Business Card Design

After working and brainstorming with my client to help name her new yoga company, we jumped into designing the look and feel. Songbird Yoga focuses on accessibility and customizing your yoga practices to work for any body—no matter what specific needs someone may have.

Robin, my client, wanted the feel of the brand to be earthy and represent the new personal growth and development that comes from practicing yoga—without any of the culturally appropriative elements you often see surrounding yoga.

The result was an icon of a songbird that ties the modern clean typography of the logo together, a calming color palette, and a focus on earthy, plant-based imagery.

Robin, who is blind, wanted to be able to make website updates herself moving forward. We worked closely to ensure the website was accessible and easy to navigate via screen reader by keeping icons and imagery to a minimum and making any other necessary adjustments needed.